Chewbacca goes viral

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Welcome to the Oval Office, President Trump — Discover

Donal O’Keeffe muses on Irish children foreseeing the apocalypse in a Trump presidency.

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One of the sad horrors of our age 2016

On September 4th, upwards of 1000 refugees embarked on foot on a gruelling journey towards Germany. The night before, Gleisdreieck Park in Berlin had played host to hip-hop group the Antilopen Gang. A British friend of mine, accompanying German revellers to the week-long Radioeins Festival, recounted the scene. The crowd struck up a chant: “Say […]

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Christmas looming – 21st December

Over to our first Christmas neighbours’ party in Alexander Street. House is very quiet in preparation. Can hear the odd burst of sound of band warming up down the road. Otherwise it is sunny, warm and peaceful – just the distant sound of excited children.

I feel all relaxed after a Sunday in the spa with Kit, and both Sam and Molly and partners Jenny and Glynn (Yoke) with us in our newly re-arranged home. We are very lucky. I feel comfortable, and just a little bit hungry.

I can see the Australian native flowers, the new sound system for Molly, Molly’s wallet and a little pile of papers waiting attention. Did I book the window cleaners? I can’t remember now. My feet are, as ever, safely ensconced in their Fitflops.

I am thinking of how good an Australian holiday season can be. Long sunny days and the sound of the seaplane overhead. Seafood and fruit in abundance. I feel happy and relaxed. As happy as the proverbial clam.

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My nascent blog

Having to move the house around to accommodate us all. Also having something rad and, hopefully, not to expensive done with my hair in one hour. Going to the last yoga session with the lovely Bec this evening.

Sharing all the good stuff to my FB and Twitter accounts.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my first post on


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